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MINE is an animated web-series that poignantly explores the timely theme of community versus individual survival, through the eyes of a teenager. Set in the near-future, this powerful five-part series transports us to BEAU VODA, a hard-fought utopian world where every aspect of life is powered by a miraculous healing water source. In the pilot episode, teenager BLAZE reluctantly steps into the esteemed role of Water Bearer with the help of their precocious sister MIA. But when the magical water is tampered with, they discover that their idealistic community may not be as magnanimous as they think.


MINE is a part of the Rise-Home Stories project, a groundbreaking collaboration that aims to reimagine the past, present, and future of our communities by transforming the stories we tell about them. In 2018, our group of multimedia storytellers and housing, land, and racial justice advocates came together and began a unique co-creative process. We’ve created a suite of five multimedia narrative projects, including MINE, that speak to the power of abundance and collective action in the face of increasingly toxic narratives of scarcity and individualism while planting a long-term vision for a just future.

Randall Dottin is a filmmaker and an educator. His first two films, A-Alike and Lifted, have had broadcast premieres on HBO and CBS respectively. His documentary series "The House I Never Knew" is currently in production and explores how six families in Chicago, Houston and Boston fight against becoming casualties of housing segregation. The series recently received a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. Randall is Chair of the Screenwriting Department at New York Film Academy’s New York City campus where his former students have won screenwriting awards, film festivals and have recently began careers as staff writers and showrunners on American, South African and European television shows.

Writer, Co-Director

Angela Tucker is an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, and director who co-founded TuckerGurl, a production company which tells compelling and irreverent stories about underrepresented communities. Her directorial work includes "Paper Chase," a teen comedy in pre-production; "All Styles," a dance movie in post-production starring Fik-Shun and Heather Morris; and "Black Folk Don't," a documentary web series in its fourth season. She’s in her sixth year as series producer of "Afropop," and co-produced "The New Black." Previously, she was director of production at Big Mouth Films, a social-issue documentary production company. Angela was a Sundance Institute Women Filmmakers Initiative fellow.

Producer, Writer

Natalie White, known as pumashock, is a musician with 30+ years of experience on stage and in the studio. Drawing from her roots in classical piano and vocal performance to her current focus on composition and production, her distinctive musical style reflects her eclectic interests. Today, is exploring her passion for storytelling through projects incorporating music, writing and visual arts.


Slothique is a multi-media and animation production company. We believe that by pursuing diversity and inclusion, our studio has access to a vast talent pool with unique experiences making our content unique and differentiated from other competitors.

Lisa Ferrell - Producer
Casandra Brewton-Johnson - Production Manager
Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong - Animation Director/ Producer
Jeffrey Yu - Illustration Director
Tales da Rocha Trindade - 3D Artist
Jules Premus - Character Designer
Zhike Yang - Storyboard Artist
M Alex LaShelle - Environment Artist
Raven Chau - Environment Artist
Emely Pascual - Environment Artist
Sean Co - Illustrator
Adrian Ferma - Illustrator
Shir Wen Sun - Additional Illustrator
Thitaporn Coothongkul - Additional Illustrator
Princy Peuse - Lead Animator
Josephine Ruff-Sloan - Animator
Conner J Kirsch - Animator
Jennifer Frisco - Animator
Andrew Goh - Animator
Keira Quinn - Animator
Eva Münnich - Animator
Jenny Lewis - Animator
Pattaradanai Pakdee - Animator
Tehniyat Shaikh - Animator
Worapon Anantapong - Animator
Chris Bryant Additional - Animator
Aasha Sriram - Compositor
William Davis - Advisor

Pisut Wisessing
Victor Leung
Richmond Lee

Animation Team

Ari is an organizer, writer, and campaigner who lives in Washington, D.C. He joined the team behind MINE as a representative of Local Progress, a national network of local elected officials advancing a racial and economic justice agenda in local government. At Local Progress, he is the Associate Program Director and works on a wide range of issues including public safety, economic justice, and corporate accountability. He proudly comes from a background in the labor movement, having worked to win pay increases and workers' rights laws in DC, to recover stolen wages with construction and restaurant workers, to build organizational power with retail workers, and to stop corporate giveaways.

Local Progress

Minister JaNaé Bates is the communications director for Faith in Minnesota and ISAIAH – multi-racial, multi-faith, state-wide vehicles for people and communities of faith, Black owned barbershops and childcare centers. These organizations are dedicated to building a multiracial democracy by moving collectively and powerfully for racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota. JaNaé specializes in integrating grassroots community organizing and narrative strategy. She has been instrumental in the implementation of the “Race Class Narrative” framework in both Minnesota and across the U.S. JaNaé is a womanist theologian and Fulbright scholar. She has over a decade of academic and professional experience in ministry, social justice, and communications. She’s a co-creator and co-writer on the MINE team.


Mike Leyba is a director with City Life/Vida Urbana, a community organization that promotes tenants' rights and prevents housing displacement. Originally from Los Angeles, Mike is an activist, communicator and futurist living in Boston. Mike became an activist during the Campaign Against Prop 8 in California, a ballot initiative that would have banned same-sex marriage. Mike was formerly Communications Director for United for a Fair Economy, a national nonprofit highlighting racial and gender inequality in the United States.

City Life/Vida Urbana

Caitlin Sparks is a Visual Communications Manager at Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a grassroots organization using a set of core strategies, from leadership development to communications and voter empowerment, to impact a broad range of issues, including coal and water, new energy and transition, economic justice and voting rights. Caitlin grew up in Burlington, KY but currently lives in Dayton and works as the Visual Communications Manager from KFTC's Northern Kentucky office. She is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Ian Pham is a former Digital Organizer for United for a New Economy. He was born and raised in Houston, TX and moved to Denver, CO in the fall of 2012 to attend the University of Denver. It was there at DU that he started student organizing to address the issues of discrimination that he felt while on DU’s campus as an Asian-American and queer trans-man. He has been the president of the Queer Straight Alliance, the chair of the Inclusive Excellence committee for the Diversity Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Staff Advisor to the Asian Student Alliance. In 2015 Ian also started canvassing for political candidates.

Vy Pham
United for a New Economy Colorado

E'Beth Adami is the Communications & Development Director for Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. KFTC is a community of people, inspired by a vision, building grassroots power for a just, equitable, and healthy Kentucky. She lives in Louisville with her partner and two dogs.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Brasilian-American filmmaker Luisa Dantas works at the intersection of storytelling, social justice, and cities. As a writer/director, her work spans both fiction and non-fiction content, including short films and feature-length documentary projects. Her latest fiction short film, "Sacred", recently premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival. Luisa also wrote and directed the multi-platform documentary "Land of Opportunity", which chronicles the reconstruction of New Orleans through the eyes of those on the frontlines. The project includes a feature film and groundbreaking interactive web platform produced in conjunction with partners in six cities. Through her company, JoLu Productions, Luisa produces impact-driven multimedia content for an array of clients in the non-profit and private sectors. Luisa is currently working on the project For the Rise-Home Stories Project, an innovative storytelling initiative funded by the Ford Foundation, designed to train organizers and advocates in cities across the U.S. to harness the power of narrative in the fight for housing, land, and racial justice in the U.S.. The project includes an animated web series, a children’s book, non-fiction podcasts, and a video game.

Executive Producer, Writer, Co-Director

Anna Lee serves as the co-director of Working Films, a leading organization in using documentary film and other media to advance social justice and environmental protection. In her 16 year tenure she has developed and coordinated impact campaigns for high profile documentaries, consulted with hundreds of filmmakers, and trained organizers and nonprofits leaders across the US, increasing their capacity to use film as a tool to move the dial on critical issues. Anna leads the operations and financial management of Working Films and while also managing special projects, including leading Working Films participation on the design and resource team of the Rise Home Stories Project. Anna brings experience as an educator to Working Films, using her background in curriculum design to enhance Working Films' training for filmmakers and nonprofits.

Senior Impact Producer

PAIGE WOOD is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and creative consultant. Born in Detroit, Paige has produced and/or co-written a number of critically-acclaimed documentary and narrative films since the start of her freelance career in 2018. Currently, Paige serves as the Supervising Producer for the Rise-Home Stories Project, which features over five narrative-shifting multimedia projects supported by The Ford Foundation, in addition to serving as an adjunct instructor at Wayne State University. Paige is a 2020 Kresge Artist Fellow, an alumni of Firelight Media's 2018-2019 Impact Producer Cohort, as well as a 2019 Sundance Institute | Knight Foundation Program fellow.

Supervising Producer, Writer

Kadi Diallo is a filmmaker born and raised in Harlem. She co-directed the short documentary, Sanctuary, a film about about organizers creating safe spaces for queer folks in NY and LA. Her work has been exhibited at the Case Gallery, Saratoga Arts Gallery, and Shift, a virtual group exhibition. Kadi was a Fellow at the MDOCS Storytellers Institute in 2020 and is currently producing and directing a video series for the organization Color of Change.

Associate Producer

Julia Steele Allen is an award-winning performer, writer, and longtime community organizer and activist from NYC. She co-produced and was the Impact Producer for DECADE OF FIRE, an award-winning documentary film about the burning of the Bronx in the 1970’s, partnering the film with over 50 grassroots housing, racial and economic justice organizations across the U.S. She also developed, produced and performed “Mariposa & the Saint: From Solitary Confinement, A Play Through Letters” using the play as an organizing tool across 10 states, performing for judges, wardens, state legislators and thousands of others as part of the growing movement to end solitary confinement in this country. She continues to work at the intersection of art and organizing as an Impact Strategist/Impact Producer for documentary projects.

Steele Allen
Impact Producer

Mo Banks is a digital communications specialist who has been working for a variety of non-profits in the progressive movement space for the past 5 years. Mo believes a robust digital strategy is a key factor in leveraging progressive wins, increasing accessibility in our movement spaces, and transforming narratives in service of cultural shifts. They currently live in Arkansas with their wife and 4 kids, where they serve as the co-founder of Reconcile Arkansas, which exists to support trans youth in Arkansas. They are a meme connoisseur, a Gemini with no behavior, and they have never met a sandwich they didn't love.

Digital Communications Specialist